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A Verse A Day – Rose Horton




This seed was planted in my mind when my husband and I got married. We were given a calendar that was put together by Billy Graham. I enjoyed this calendar because every day there was one verse with a short meditation under it. With only a date, no day of the week or year, we flipped the page every day and it soon became quite used. Year after year. Every day a promise from the Word of God that encouraged me as I started my day. Late 2018 I began to post FB Live videos where I chose one verse and shared a little bit about it, asking those listening to SPEAK the verse out loud and CLAIM it over their life. Soon after I began doing the videos I started writing a short blog to follow up with what I shared. I realized after about two months of writing these that they could easily be turned into a devotional.I realize there are many devotional books available. I do not claim that this one will be any more unique or special than any others. My thought is to give the Word/verse and bring clarity and emphasis to what it means. I want you to CLAIM it (speak it out loud) and BELIEVE in the promises. As I work with women, I realize that too many of us do not “claim” the Word. We read it. We do not CLAIM it. If we don’t truly claim it, how can we believe it? Taking the steps to claim the Word for ourselves means:1) God will bring us REST.2) This will REFRESH our spirits.3) We will RESTORE our relationship with Him (and others). These are my keywords – REST, REFRESH, RESTORE. Daily Words from His Word to bring you LIFE. My hope is that you read the verse(s) first and foremost. If you read my reflections, great, but do not make that the emphasis. HIS Words hold the SECRETS to HIS LIFE for you.


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