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A Time To Rest – Rose Horton




This book is designed to assist people in their quest for peace and better health. Most people I come in contact with, comment on the fact that their lives are so busy and they fight sickness. Since 2001 I have been learning about the Israelites (Jewish people that God set apart and into which Gentiles are grafted in) and how they lived. In 2005 our family spent 4 months in Israel. Since then we have travelled back and forth between Israel and the United States. In December of 2010, we rented a home in Northern Israel (the Galilee region). During this time I learned important commands from God that are not applied appropriately in our lives today. One of these commands is Shabbat. As I have begun to live with this observance in my life, I have noticed a change in how I feel and respond to stressful situations in my life. I look forward to resting and spending time with family once a week. Our family has hosted numerous Shabbat dinners and it is always fun to see others gain an understanding of how important this day is. May this tiny book increase your understanding of what the desires of His heart are surrounding Shabbat and why it is important to celebrate weekly.


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